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A Comprehensive Guide To At-Home Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals can be an essential part of your kitchen; by pulverizing food scraps into particles tiny enough to pass through the water waste system, they are an effective and efficient way to get rid of food waste. However, if you're not using yours correctly, you could end up with a clogged sink or bad odors in your home. Follow these tips on how to use and maintain your garbage disposal to ensure you're getting the most out of this handy tool.

What Are The Benefits Of A Garbage Disposal?

From providing a quick and easy way to dispose of waste to helping prevent odors from building up in your kitchen, garbage disposals were designed to make your life much easier. Other benefits of at-home garbage disposals include, but are not limited to: Reduced amounts of food thrown away will allow you to go through trash bags at a slower speed, saving you money and protecting the environment. Cut down the amount of trash that gets sent to landfills, which is also beneficial for mother earth. Improve drainage and protect your pipes. In addition, if you have a septic system, a garbage disposal can help extend its life by preventing solid waste from clogging it up. What can you put in a garbage disposal? Even though garbage disposals are an excellent way to get rid of solid food waste, some elements should be avoided in order to prevent clogs and build-up. Listed below are some of the most harmful foods for your garbage disposal system:

  • Fibrous or stringy scraps (like celery)
  • Animal bones Nuts and shells Fruit pits
  • Grease
  • Oil Cooking fat
  • Pasta
  • Coffee grounds
  • Potato peels and onion layers

How To Chose The Right Garbage Disposal For Your Home?

If you're looking to install a garbage disposal in your home, there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind. First, consider your household size and how much waste you generate. A larger home will need a more powerful disposal. You'll also want to consider whether you want a continuous or batch feed model. Continuous feed disposals are continually powered and can grind down large amounts of food in short periods of time, while batch feed models grind and dispose of food in small batches.

How Do I Keep My Unit Running In Top Condition?

Assuming you have a properly installed garbage disposal unit, there are a few things you can do to keep it running in top condition.

  • Always run cold water while the unit is in use. This will help keep grease and oils from congealing and clogging the blades.
  • Avoid putting hard-to-grind items, such as chicken bones, into the disposal.
  • Grind only a small amount of food at a time so as not to overload the system. If you need further maintenance services for your at-home garbage disposal, we recommend you contact your trusted team of plumbers before attempting any repairs on your own, as this could be dangerous and cause further damage to the system!

Residents can rest assured that their garbage disposal needs will be taken care of with the help of our team of professional plumbers in and around Loganville, Georgia and East Atlanta, Georgia. At Keep Smiling Plumbing, Electric, Heating and Cooling we have the equipment and expertise to get the job done right and keep your systems running seamlessly for years to come.

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