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Plumbing Maintenance near Metro Atlanta Georgia

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What are the Components of a Professional Plumbing Inspection?

An Inspection from Keep Smiling Plumbing, Electric, Heating & Cooling focuses on:


Plumbing Points of Entry

With Keep Smiling Plumbing, Electric, Heating & Cooling, you can expect our expert plumbing inspector to thoroughly examine all water entry points in your home, such as sinks, toilets, pipes, and water lines. We'll look for leaks, damage, and issues with fittings, ensuring your plumbing is in top condition.


Outdoor Faucets and Fittings

"Next up, our inspector will examine all your outdoor plumbing fixtures, such as faucets and fittings, to confirm they are in good working condition and protected from potential freezing."


Sewer and Septic Inspections

An expert plumber from Keep Smiling Plumbing, Electric, Heating & Cooling will examine your septic system, main sewer line, and cleanout access, with the potential use of a sewer line inspection camera.

Hot Water

Water Heaters

Our Keep Smiling Plumbing, Electric, Heating & Cooling professional will conduct a detailed inspection of your water heater, examining every part, connection, and valve. Should we identify any problems, we will promptly inform you and suggest the best course of action.

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Discover the Benefits and Advantages of Expert Plumbing Inspections

If you're in the process of buying or selling your home in Metro Atlanta, GA, it is wise to arrange for a Expert Plumbing Inspection by a certified plumber at Keep Smiling Plumbing, Electric, Heating & Cooling. This inspection provides a thorough evaluation of your Georgia home's plumbing system by a certified professional. Even if you're not planning to move soon, it's beneficial to have periodic Plumbing Inspections to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your plumbing system.

A thorough evaluation of your entire plumbing setup in your Metro Atlanta, GA residence.

Our experts at Keep Smiling Plumbing, Electric, Heating & Cooling Plumbers we will perform a thorough inspection on your:

  • Indoor and outdoor plumbing pipes
  • Supply lines
  • Sewer lines
  • Indoor and outdoor hose bibs
  • Sinks, showers, and tubs
  • Faucets and kitchen plumbing
  • Toilets
  • Water Heaters

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Schedule with the pros and get the job done right the first time. With our highly-skilled plumbers & upfront pricing, you can trust the experts at Keep Smiling Plumbing, Electric, Heating & Cooling for 100% satisfaction, guaranteed for your plumbing inspection needs. Our team of experts is ready to help you out!

Trust the Plumbing Experts in Metro Atlanta Georgia

As your trusted plumbing team, we will always provide you with the right repair solutions at fair prices.

At Keep Smiling Plumbing, Electric, Heating & Cooling, we promise to provide you with the correct solution at an honest price. Our skilled technicians will arrive at your home fully equipped to fix most problems on the spot. Before starting any repairs, they will explain all of your options so you can make informed decisions. Trust us to service and repair most brands of equipment professionally. Your satisfaction is our top priority!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during a  plumbing inspection?

During a plumbing inspection, we typically examine your home's filtration system, fixtures, drains, toilets, showers/tubs, and supply lines. We also check your drainage and ventilation systems, conduct a video inspection of your sewer lines, and inspect your water heater. Additionally, we ensure your sump pump is functioning properly and verify that your shut-off valve is in good working order.

What should I focus on in between inspections?

If you observe any leaks, it's essential to call a professional right away. Water can cause severe damage to your home if not dealt with quickly. Preventative measures are important, so take your plumber's advice on insulating exterior pipes to prevent freezing in winter. Also, keep in mind that fixtures, washers, and sealers age over time. If your home hasn't been updated recently, be on the lookout for emerging leaks and start planning for possible repairs. Being prepared is always the best strategy.

Why is it important to have regular plumbing inspections?

Choosing professional inspections over doing it yourself has several major perks. Not only do you benefit from a plumber's seasoned expertise, but you also avoid the stress of handling tasks like checking pipes beneath the house or fixing slow-draining sinks. Many homeowners find it a relief to delegate these responsibilities. For those who are fine with minor issues but hesitant about larger ones, professional inspections ensure regular maintenance of your water heater and proper insulation of outdoor pipes. A thorough inspection can ultimately save you from significant headaches.