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NexTech is a foundational program that builds technicians from the ground up. It gives you the foundation to be the technician that we are looking for, the technician that can come into someone's home and solve the issues or problems that they are experiencing. These are the guys that are going to help you fix it, and they are going to fix it for you in a calm, professional, and frankly, awesome manner.

The lab we are building is going to be in one of our warehouses and it's a platform on wheels of a bathroom. We are also looking to build a kitchen in there. It will be all of the fixtures that you may see in someone's home. This is so that you can work on them in a controlled environment, and not necessarily seeing something for the first time in a customer's home.

NexTech is actually four levels, but as you get through those courses, it becomes so hands on and so in the field, and doing all of the things that you may encounter on a job. The technicians are really involved at that point, because you have already been an apprentice riding along for a while, but now you get to be more hands on. You have a foundation of knowledge that you get to build on and actually do all of the stuff, so it's really cool.