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The Importance of Having Your Drains Cleaned

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Why You Should Schedule Professional Drain Cleaning Services 

How many times have you walked into your bathroom only to find your bathtub, sink, or toilet bowl overflowing with water? Not only are these incidents incredibly inconvenient, but they can also cost you money in the long run if you don’t address them right away. 

To ensure that you don’t end up with plumbing problems in your home, it is crucial that you schedule regular drain cleaning services from a reputable company. Read on to learn more about the benefits of having your drains cleaned regularly by a professional plumber.

Eliminate Bad Odors

Your drains are responsible for carrying away all the water and waste that goes down your home’s plumbing system. When hair, soap scum and other organic matter travel down your pipes and get stuck, they start to decompose and provide a perfect environment for bacteria to grow, causing foul odors.

A professional drain cleaning service will remove any build-up in your drains and leave them smelling fresh and clean.

Reduce The Chances Of Clogs

Don’t let a slow drain become a major clog. Drain clogs happen when grease, hair, soap scum, and other debris begin to build up in the pipes. A professional drain cleaning service will remove all of this build-up, which will help keep your drains flowing freely. 

Even though there is a variety of drain cleaners in the market, we don’t recommend you use them regularly as they are bad for the environment and could be hazardous to your health; instead, call your trusted plumber to clear out the accumulation.

Keep Your Pipes Healthy

Clogged drains are not only a momentary nuisance but can also cause serious plumbing issues. When your drains are clogged, water can back up and cause damage to your pipes, consequently leading to leaks and flooding. Therefore, it’s paramount to have your drains cleaned regularly by an expert plumber. This will help prolong the life of your plumbing and prevent costly repairs down the road.

How Often Should I Have My Drains Professionally Cleaned?

You might not think about your drains often, but they play an important role in your home’s plumbing system. Over time, drains can become clogged, leading to problems like slow draining sinks and showers, bad odors, and even flooding. That’s why it’s important to have your drains cleaned regularly by professionals. Most experts recommend having your drains cleaned every one to two years; schedule your next drain clean-up today to find out more about the ideal frequency for your drain cleanings! 

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