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How to Keep Your Home Safe for Your Kids: Childproofing Against Electrical Hazards

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4 Ways To Effectively Childproof Your Home From Electrical Hazards

Any parent will tell you that one of their biggest concerns is keeping their child safe at home. There are a number of different ways to do this, and one increasingly important area to focus on is electrical safety. Childproofing your house against electrical hazards is critical to ensuring your child’s well-being. 

From the professional electricians at Keep Smiling, here are four tips and tricks to ensure your house and family are protected from electrical dangers in your home. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Secure Electrical Cords

Electrical cords can be appealing to little kids that are at an age where everything seems like a toy. To ensure your wires don’t catch the attention of your young one, secure them properly and make sure they stay in place and can’t be easily pulled. 

2. Cover Outlets

Outlets are one of the most dangerous electrical elements in any home, as they are often placed within reach and at eye level of even the youngest kids. Luckily, they are easy to childproof; to make sure your newly crawling child doesn’t curiously touch a wall socket, invest in plastic caps or safety plates to cover every outlet in your home. 

3. Keep Power Strips Hidden 

Power strips can often be found on the floor, lying under furniture or behind appliances. Therefore, they have the potential to attract your toddler’s attention. Power strip covers are an easy and inexpensive way to safely hide and cover your outlets and plugs and keep them away from your younger family members. 

4. Identify Additional Hazards 

Once you have identified and addressed all the obvious electrical hazards around your home, we encourage you to always be on the lookout for other potential dangers. Adopt your child’s point of view for a moment to ensure all appliances are properly secured, technology is kept away in closets and drawers and other heavy-duty or electrical tools and equipment are out of reach. Remember, you can never be too safe!

Keep Your Family Safe With Georgia’s Premier Electrical Company! 

The team of professional electricians at Keep Smiling Plumbing and Electric is committed to keeping your loved ones safe year-round. Whether you need electrical repairs, panel installations, or whole-home rewires, we are the crew to know and trust for all your electrical needs in the East Atlanta area. 

We are always prepared to help you at a moment’s notice. Please browse through our special offers and contact us to make an appointment today! 

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