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Are Your Pipes Leaking? Here’s What to Do RIGHT NOW

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No one wants to deal with a leaking pipe or water heater. It’s a headache, causes a mess, and can be overwhelming. However, our plumbers in Loganville, GA, know that there are steps you can take when you discover a leaking pipe that can help you minimize the damage. This guide explains exactly what to do about leaky pipes.

Whether you’re dealing with a burst pipe or small leaks, the steps remain the same:

Step One: Turn Off the Water

The first thing you need to do is control the leak. You need to find the water main and turn it off to stop the water flow and the damage. Turn off both the hot water and the cold water.

Hopefully, you know where your water main is located, as it can differ in every home. Water mains are typically in the basement, water heater closet, or even in crawl spaces.

Don’t turn the water back on until you get approval from a professional plumber. To avoid this step in the future, consider installing an automatic shut-off valve in your home to minimize the damage. This automatic shut-off valve will kick into gear as soon as it detects a leak and is especially helpful if a leak happens when you’re out of the home.

Step Two: Consider Your Electronics

If you’ve had a major pipe burst and are dealing with excess water throughout the house, you should find the electric panel and turn off power to the whole house. If you have a smaller leak that’s contained in one area or one room, consider unplugging and removing all the electronics in the area. You’ll want to remove hairdryers, lamps, and anything else electronic.

Step Three: Remove Valuables From the Area

The water leak will start to do some damage to the belongings in the area, so start to move anything valuable to a safe, dry place. Keeping the space clear also leaves an unobstructed pathway for the plumber to come in.

Step Four: Call a Licensed Plumber

Let’s be honest; most homeowners simply don’t know what to do about leaky pipes. A leaking pipe isn’t one of your standard DIY projects. If not fixed quickly — and correctly — your leaky pipe can lead to other problems in the house, like water damage. So, the next step here is to call a professional plumber. Explain to them where the leak is located and if it’s an emergency or not.

Step Five: Clean Up the Water

Start to remove as much water as possible from the area. Mop up the floors and use towels to absorb up water. A water leak can seep into floors, furniture, or items and generate mold, which will be a challenge to fix.

Now that you know what to do about leaky pipes, the next step is to understand how to keep an eye on your plumbing system. Often, your plumbing will give you warning signs before a leak happens. Know what those warning signs might help you avoid having to ever deal with a leaky pipe again!

Whether you’re facing a small or large leak, Keep Smiling Plumbing can help. We’re your top-rated local plumbing experts and are there to help you when you need it most. For more information about our plumbers in Snellville, GA, reach out to our plumbing specialists today!

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